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itxdfs value your privacy and takes your online safety seriously. We do not share or sell your information to third parties ,We understand that you are very concerned about the usage and sharing of your personal information. And we are very appreciated your belief on our prudence and sensitivity handling this issue. This declaration will specify our policy regarding the protection of your privacy.


itxdfs Privacy Policy

If you have visited our website, that will be considered to be your acceptance to this privacy policy.

What kind of personal information does itxdfs collect
What does the Cookies mean?
Will itxdfs share the collected information with the third party?
On how secure my information will be
How about the links to the third-party advertiser and other internet sites?
What kind of information can I browse?
What kind of options can I choose?
Does itxdfs allow children to make use of its website?
Conditions of Use, Declaration and Modification

The examples of collected personal information  

What kind of personal information does itxdfs collect

The information we received from our customer will help us to make the shopping experience individualized and promoted constantly. The information we collect can be categorized as follows:

The Information you offer to us
We will receive and deposit the information produced by logging in our website or any other ways (please refer to the sample of information collecting process stated at the end of this policy)You can choose not to provide these information, but if so, you may not enjoy many special services from us. The reason we use the provided information is to answer your enquires, meet your specific requirement for your future shopping, improve our stock of merchandise and communicate with you.


Automatically collected information
Whenever you interact with us, we will receive and deposit the given information.
For example, like many other sites, we use ?cookies?.
When your internet browser visits, we will collect some information. (please refer to the sample of information collecting process stated at the end of this policy)
Many companies provide you with the technology that can help you to visit the website anonymously. Although under this condition we can?t offer you the individualized experience on our website as your ID is unidentified, we still like to remind you of the existence of these technologies.


E-mail Correspondence
To help us making the E-mail more useful and interesting, when you open the email from itxdfs, we will often receive a mail confirming you having read the delivered email. (if your computer support this function)We will also make the comparison between our customer list and other companies? in order to avoid the junk messages.


The information from other resources:
We may collect your information for other resources and add it into our customer database (please refer to the sample of information collecting process stated at the end of this policy)


What does the Cookies mean?
Cookies can be defined as a kind of discriminating symbols consisting of letters and numbers read-in your computer hard disc by us through your internet browser so that our system will identify your browser during your visit and display the characteristics and quantity of items in your shopping cart. 
The help function of tool bar on your browser will tell you how to prevent the browser from installing new cookies and inform you when the browser installing a new cookie or shut down the cookies totally.
Besides, you can close or cancel the alike data of browser add-ons like Flash cookies by changing its setting or visiting other manufactures? websites.
However, cookies can help you to make most use of the best special services from, so we recommend you to set up an open status for this program.


Will itxdfs share the collected information with the third party?
It is an important part of our business in terms of our customers? information, we won?t resell these information to others. We will share the client information only with the affiliate enterprise in the following manner according to this privacy policy or at least the convention with the same protection as this policy.


The merchants we cooperate with
We have a close cooperative relationship with the affiliate enterprises. We will share the identifiable client information for the individuals with cooperative merchants or supplier of products and services to our website and the business parties linked to our website; you can identify when the issue is involved with the third party.


Service supplier of the third party
We will invite other companies or individuals to perform these functions. For example, processing purchase order, delivering package, sending mail or email, deleting the repeated information in client list, analyzing data, offering marketing service, supplying search result and links (including the ones not for free), handling payment issue and customer service. They can get to the personal information needed by fulfilling their obligation but not for any other purpose.


The third-party advertiser and the links to other sites:
Our website contains the advertisement from third party and the links to other sites. We usually do not provide these advertisers and third-party websites with the identifiable client information of individuals.
However, we are not able to get to and hold the control over their using possible cookies or other special functions and this policy is also inapplicable to the conventional operation of the third-party advertisers and websites on the related information.


Sales promotion opportunity
Sometimes we provide the opportunities of sales promotion to the selected group among our customers standing for other company. When we proceed with this activity, we won?t reveal your name and address to the company.


Operation transfer
For maintaining the development of our business, we may sell or buy shops, and operation branches. Amid these transactions, customer information usually belong to the property of the transferred enterprise, but these information (unless customers agree to choose other options) still be effective. When the whole assets of itxdfs or other affiliated enterprises are bought, the customer information should be the part of the transferred assets. Of course, this event could hardly happen.


The protection over itxdfs and other people
For observing law, executing or applying our conditions of use and other agreements, or for protecting, the property and security of our consumer or other people and their interest, we may bring the individual?s account information and others to the public. These include preventing illegal activity like fraud behavior, reducing financial risks and exchanging information with other companies and organizations.
But obviously, this does not include to reveal personal identifiable information by selling, leasing, sharing or any other ways for commercial reason, which break up the promise in this declaration.


Solicitation to your consent
Besides the regulations stated above, when your information may probably be disclosed to the third party, you will receive a notification and you are justified to choose not to share this information with the third party.

On how secure my information will be
During the information exchanging process, we will try best to assure the security of your information through encrypting the input information with the software of Security Socket Layer (SSL).It is very important to prevent other people from unauthorized using your password or entering your computer. Therefore, you should insure the instant log-off after you stop visiting website when you share the same computer with other people.


How about the links to the third-party advertiser and other internet sites?
There are the links to the third-party advertisement and other sites on our website. We won?t provide the personal identifiable information for these advertiser or the third-party websites. These third-party websites or advertiser (or their online advertisement companies) may sometimes send the advertisements shown in our website directly to you by means of technology, which they automatically get the IP address of yours. They also may probably evaluate their advertising effect and individualize the advertising content by using cookies, JavaScript, web beacons. We are unable to control the application of cookies or other technologies by them and this declaration is also inapplicable to their behavior. Please contact them directly to get the details of privacy policy from them. may also broadcast the directional advertisement depending on the consumers? personal information. Although itxdfs won?t provide any personal information for the advertisers, they may think that it is applicable to the directional standard of broadcasting this kind of advertisement if the consumers interact with them or click the directional advertisement.


What kind of information can I browse?


What kind of options can I choose?


In addition, 


Does itxdfs allow children to make use of its website?


Conditions of Use, Declaration and Modification
If you choose to visit, your visit and dispute over relevant privacy will be confined to this declaration and our conditions of use, including the limits on compensation, dispute mediation and the application of legal regulations of People?s Republic of China. If you have any questions in regard to privacy issue of itxdfs, please feel free to contact us and explain it sufficiently, and then we will try our best to solve it. Our business may change frequently, at the same time our privacy policy and conditions of use will also alter accordingly. We will remind you of our declaration and conditions periodically through sending emails, unless you require us not to do this, but you should often visit our website to get the knowledge of the recent changes. Except to having another declaration, the present privacy policy is applicable to all the information related to you and your account.
We will strictly hold our promise and won?t make big notification without the permission from our clients leading to the decrease of secure degree for their personal information

For the relevant conventional operation and information, please refer to 
Conditions of Use

The examples of collected personal information.
The information you provide for us
The information you provide for us when you are looking for, purchasing, pasting, attending competition or question or contact the customer service center.

For example, when you search products, place an order on, offer information in your account (you may have more than one account if you use not only one email address shopping from us) or ?My Settings?, contact us through telephone, email or any other ways, fill the question or application form for competition, edit the wishes? list or gift register; take part in community activity as well as submit and evaluate the comments and enjoy any personal notification functions, you will provide information

As a result of this matter, you may provide us with the information such as your name, address and telephone number, payment details, consignee and his address and telephone number, comments on our service and email content, self-introductions in personal settings or pictures and finance and other personal information.
Automatically collected information

The examples of information we collect and analyze contain IP address connecting your computer to internet, log-in information, email address, password, computer and connective information such as browser?s type, edition and time zone settings, browser?s plug-in type and edition, operation system and platform, the purchasing record of other customers we sometimes collect for creating the specialty of our website, the intact situation of clicking URL from, through or deliver to our website, containing date and time, cookie quantity, the products you view and search and the telephone number you use to contact our customer service center.
We can also use browser data, such as cookies, Flash cookies or the alike date on our website, to prevent fraud and other illegal behavior.
During the process of your visiting our website, we may use software such as JavaScript to measure and collect customer’s connective information, containing website reacting times, download mistakes, the visiting period of very page, page exchanging information (such as scrolling, clicking and cursor staying) and the method ending browsing this page.


The information from other resources
The examples of the information we get from other resources containing the address information we get from our forwarder or other third party, which can correct our record and make it easy to deliver your next order and contact you..
Account information, purchasing or returning information, searching keywords and results given by our affiliated enterprises’ service, page browsing information gotten from our cooperative enterprises, searching result and links, including not-for-free searching list.


The information you can get
The information you can get easily from itxdfs containing the latest order information, identifiable personal information (including name, email address, password, directory inquiries etc.), payment settings (including credit card details) and so on.




itxdfs Management.